Mercedes NEC Key Pro

Includes: STMB001, STMB002, STMB003, STMB005, STMB006, STMB007, STMB008, STMB0010, STMB0011, STMB0012, STMB0013, STMB0022, STMB0023, STMB0024

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STMB001 Read All EIS/EZS Types VIA IR/OBD/CAN and K-LINE. 

STMB002 EIS reading by CAN/OBD - Data needed for Key/ESL calculation (hashes)

STMB003 Read password from Motorola EIS/EZS VIA IR and ZIF Socket/With and without existing key.

STMB005 EIS Reading /Writing of additional information by CAN/OBD/IR/ Personalize EIS by OBD.

STMB006 SKC (Simon Key Calculator) Offline fast key calculation.

STMB007 NEC/Motorola all version read / write by IR

STMB008 NEC V.51/ V.57 Password key reader on adapter board

STMB010 Motorola all versions read/erase/write on adapter board.

STMB011 Read password from BE key/China key/erase/write key dump Via IR.

STMB012 Grey key functionality - read/ prepare/write Grey key for programming new EIS.

STMB013 Read Original key/BE Key/China Key/BGA Key status/key version/Frequency VIA IR

STMB022 ECU Renew Engine control units online.

STMB023 - YES - EIS Reset Odometer by CAN / OBD

STMB024 EIS Change odometer by CAN /OBD


mercedes nec key programmer lite all

Mercedes E Class key programming when all key lost.

 Price 1500 euro

Device can be updated to full.


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