Mercedes/maybach/smart (online)

The online version of the AVDI for Mercedes is the logical next step in the evolution of the AVDI for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart. Based on the new online platform, it will offer our customers a stable, user-friendly and flexible solution. The software allows general diagnostics, module scanning, reading and erasing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), live data measurement and custom requests.


Through years of development we at Abrites proudly present to you the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes . It is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools in the world combining pure diagnostics with the latest in advanced functionality - module replacement, key programming and calibrations. Here is what we can offer you in terms of diagnostics: The Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart provides its users the ability to perform dealer level diagnostics for almost 100% of the model range. Starting from the W202/W208/W210 and reaching all the latest models such as the W117, W222,W213,W205,W217 . We are also happy to let you know that we will soon be able to provide support for all Mercedes Trucks such as Actros, Axor, etc. and buses. With our tool you will have the ability to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), clear them, monitor live values from these vehicles and also perform actuator tests for all of these vehicles, we will soon offer the ability to copy the existing SCN coding of different modules and transfer it to others and are working on adding the direct online SCN coding for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, DPF regeneration and more. Service interval resets both for Assyst and Assyst Plus will be supported for most current models. With this you can service Mercedes vehicles and have the documentation to confirm this withing the car itself. This allows anyone with an AVDI to be able to be at the level of a Mercedes dealer at just a fraction of the cost.


The first step of any diagnostics is the identification of the vehicle that is being diagnosed. The online version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart boasts 3 different identification methods - automatic vehicle identification, identification by VIN number or manual selection of the vehicle model. You can even select one or more separate electronic control units to scan.

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The online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart has an extremely stable solution for identifying ALL available modules in the vehicle and reading their DTCs. The user then has the option to view more details about the DTCs and/or delete them. The detail of the DTC description is unrivalled and can help out any diagnostician when performing vehicle diagnostics.



One of the strongest advantages of the online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart is the ability to show live data from various sensors at the same time both as a list value and on a graph. The extensive list of measured values is one of a kind and something that an OEM tool can compare to.



With the new online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes, we have introduced service functions which were until now only available through the OEM software. Such functions include some very useful features like:

- DPF regeneration and renewal. Supported even for the FBS3/ CRD3 Delphi units.

- DPF running time and mileage value reset (CRD3). Supported even for the FBS3/ CRD3 Delphi units.

- Emergency engine starts when the ADBlue mileage reaches "0". When the car reaches "0" ADBlue km/miles the cars stop and needs to be towed to a workshop. With this function, you can start the car and drive it to a workshop even though the ADBlue is at zero value.


Using the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes Online you will be able to perform coding for modules just like the OEM diagnostics. We provide module coding where you will be able to code, retrofit and change the behaviour of various models manufactured by Mercedes- Benz. We support a vast variety of modules and models made by the Stuttgart company. We cover models from the earliest W202/W208/210 models until the latest W222/W217/W213/W205/W166 FBS4 vehicles. Additionally, we provide coding with ONE CLICK for some of the most common features in these vehicles such as:

- Enabling and disabling of of the seat belt alarm, for example W205/ W222/ W217/ W166 new models.

- Change of the MAX SPEED Limit (including all AMG models)

- Enabling and disabling of the video in motion for older and newer cars up to 2018

- Enabling and disabling of the AMG start screen for older and new Mercedes-Benz models.

- Enabling and disabling of "Apple car play". In some cases an update is needed and this can be done using the Abrites flash programming in Mercedes Benz for phone screen mirroring for example.

- Ability to calibrate the sunroof.

- Ability to calibrate 360 degree cameras, enable, coding, including Special Vehicle Solution (SVS)

- Enabling, disabling and calibrating the Special Vehicle Solution front camera

- Mercedes Special Vehicles Solutions rear view mirror cameras enabling, disabling and calibrating


Module adaptation available for the FBS4 generation of vehicles. We are able to assist you with the renewal of DAS related modules for the latest generation of FBS vehicles in the same way we do it using the now famous DAS MANAGER special function. Here are some of the modules that are now supported:

- Renew of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.

Module renewal for the 7G tronic gearbox/ transmission control modules of the VGSNAG2 variant VGS3.

- Renew of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units including original VIN reset. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.

The MN027 special function is required in order to use this feature.


For more advanced users the software also allows to open a custom session with each of the modules. This means that the user can send custom diagnostic requests to the modules and receive their respective replies.*


*Please use this function at your own risk! We cannot guarantee the well-being of the control units during the use of custom requests as it is 100% user controlled.

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