TA9 - Abrites key (BCM2) - 868 Mhz

In order to meet the requirements of our customers specializing in the field of key learning we developed a new kind of product which eliminates all the weak links of the key learning
process. The latest product in our range is a key made by Abrites ltd. in our brand new facility for our locksmith customers. We have created it with the purpose of making life easier for all our users performing key learning with VAG vehicles. The TA9 is a universal key that can be learned to any Audi A4(2007+), A5(2007+), Q5(2007+), A6, A7, A8 vehicles produced after 2010 with ease. Frequency - 868 Mhz.
We have developed the transponder in such a way that it can be easily used with AVDI.
Some of its main features include:
TA9 - transponder
* They can be used for key programming together with a remote control function.
* Also these models store mileage in the key. When using the TA9 transponder this data can be modified.

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