Renault V2.6

Renault Key Programmer by OBD V2.6

renault v2.6 programming card

With Renault/Dacia/Opel/Nissan K-Line + CAN Key/Card Programming Device (Version 2.6) you will be able to program new keys or cards for Renault based vehicles via OBD-II socket which are
using Philips Cryto II(known as Hi Tag 2, ID46, PCF7936) transponder. Device is able to recognize type of the car automatically. There is no need to choose anything.

No more need of Immobilizer pin code as the device will read the pin code from the Immobilizer and will enter it directly.

Car list supported

Megane II X84 2003-2006
Megane II Ph2 X84 2007+
Megane III X95 2009+
Megane III X95 2011+
Scenic II X64 2003+
Scenic II Ph2 X64 2007+
Scenic III X95 2009+
Scenic III X95 2011+
Laguna II X56 2000-2005
Laguna II Ph2 X74 2005-2007
Laguna III X91 2007+
Valsatis X73 2002+
Valsatis Ph2 X73 2006+
Espace IV X81 2003-2006
Espace IV Ph2 X81 2006+
Master Ph2 X70 2002-2006
Master Ph3 X70 2007+
Traffic II X83 2002-2006
Traffic II Ph2 X83 2007+
Kango MUX Ph2 X76 2002-2007
Kango X61 2008+
Clio II Ph2/3 X65 2002-2006
Clio Symbol
Clio Symbol 2010+ (BCM JC)*
Clio Thalia
Clio Campus
Clio Sedan
Clio Classic
Clio III 2005+
clio III with key card
Modus 2004+
Grand Modus 2008+
Master III X62 2010+
Dacia Duster 2010+ (BCM JC) *
Dacia Logan X90 2004-2008
Dacia Logan Ph2 X90 2008+
Dacia Logan 2010+ (BCM JC) *
Dacia Sandero B90 2008+
Dacia Sandero 2010+ (BCM JC) *
Dacia Solenza 2003-2005
Samsung SM3 2006+
Samsung QM5
Samsung SM3
Samsung SM5
Fluence 2009+
Fluence (BCM immobilzier) 2009+
Fluence (BCM immobilzier) 2011+
Renault Twingo Ph2 X06 2002-2007
Renault Twingo II X44 2007+
Opel Vivaro 2002-2006
Opel Vivaro Ph2 2007+
Opel Movano Ph2 2002-2006
Opel Movano Ph3 2007+
Opel Movano B 2010+
Renault Latitude
Renault Koleos
Nissan Platina 2002-2008
Nissan Primestar Ph2 2002-2006
Nissan Primestar Ph3 2007+

Clio Symbol 2010+ (BCM JC)* (Renault 2.6)
Dacia Duster 2010+ (BCM JC) * (Renault 2.6)
Dacia Logan 2010+ (BCM JC) * (Renault 2.6)
Dacia Sandero 2010+ (BCM JC) * (Renault 2.6)

NEW update Megane III / LAGUNA III / SCENIC III  ... and all renault  cars 2012/ 2013 /2014 .
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