CanGateway Flex

CanGateway FLEX – The smallest Can filter on the market
which gives user ability to manage its configuration!!

CanGateway FLEX is the smallest CAN filter on the market, which can be fully configurable by user and easily adjusted to individual needs. This filter may be installed in such vehicles: Mercedes, BMW, Renault as well as bikes BMW or Harley-Davidson. CanGateway FLEX can be used in following modules: dashboard, EZS, BDC, FEM, CAS4, DSG modules.

 CanGatway Flex

CanGateway FLEX – Advantages:

  • exemplary file configurations can be downloaded directly from Manufacturer's website, 
  • possibility of individual module configuration according to individual needs,
  • user - friendly PC tool for configuration – CanGateway Manager,
  • user manuals with instructions can be downloaded directly from manufacturer’s website,
  • ease and simple installation in a vehicle,
  • the smallest Can Filter on the market – dimensions: 25,3 mm x 16,6 mm,
  • software update using microSD card (FAT32, max. 32Gb) or CAN-BUS,
  • Sleep user mode that guarantees lower power consumption,
  • installation does not result in creating  DTC and it does not disturb communication (CAN-BUS)  in a vehicle,
  • the highest quality of production and assembly of components,
  • Due to the versatility of the CanGateway FLEX device, please note that cables for installation and microSD cards are not included
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