As usual, we have not forgotten about our loyal customers who already own parts of certain packages and we are also applying a very generous 25% discount on special functions and packages that are listed in our pricelist. Please find the full conditions of the promotion below. If you have customer enquiries for AVDI Full, AVDI Key or AVDI Key Plus (AVDI Key + VN002, FN015, EP001 and KT011), please contact us and we will provide pricing.



Promotional price

Starter pack



US Key pack 

FR008, FN019, ON013


US Full Pack

All functions for Ford, FCA and GM


German Key pack

VN003, VN006, VN009, MN026, BN010, BN012, BN013, PO008, KT012


German Full pack

All functions for VAG, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche


Asian Key pack

TN008, MI007, SB001, NN006, HK008


Asian Full pack

All functions for Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and Hyundai/Kia


French key pack

RR018, RR019, RR020, PN018


French full pack

All functions for Renault and PSA


FMS (Always full)

1 year subscription for all new functions1


­­­KMS (Always full key)

1 year subscription for all new functions in AVDI key pack2


KpMS (Always full key plus)

1 year subscription for all new functions in AVDI key Plus pack3


Discount on special functions


NB! For all customers who purchase the US Key package - FN015 can be purchased with 30% discount, for all customers who purchase German Key package - VN002 and EP001 can be purchased with 30% discount and for all customers who purchase German Full package - EP001 can be purchased with 30% discount.

1-Active AVDI Full v22 is required for the purchase of FMS

2-Active AVDI Key v15 is required for the purchase of KMS

3-Active AVDI Key Plus v2 is required for the purchase of KpMS

Prices excluding shipping for any hardware purchase


  •  Supports all PSA vehicles 2015+ with Valeo /Continental BSI
  •  Supports PSA vehicles with a Delphi BSI
    (which are not yet supported by anyone else in the market.)
  •  No Pin Code Needed
  •  No PC Needed

Peugeot Citroen V3 key programmer


To all our MB Clinic EIS Password reader tool and MB Clinic all in (Alpha version) V6 update FREE Of charge that can be done online with our support team. More free updates will be added soon.

  • Read old and new 221 and 164 EIS Password with or without an existing key.
  • Performance improvement.
  • PC Software optimized for stability.
  • Faster password extraction.

Diagprog4 Update 2020

  • Ford Escape 2020 Virtual Cockpit - Visteon
  • Lincoln Aviator 2020 Virtual Cockpit with SPC5645S (Visteon)
  • Hyundai Kona 2018 Electric (model 2019) Mobis (Traveo S6J332EJTD)

Mercedes FBS4 Facelift CAN Gateway

 MB Facelift Can Gateway


W222 Facelift,

W205 Facelift,

C253 Facelift,

W217 Facelift,

W463 second generation,

X253  Facelift,

MB Facelift Can Gateway + OBD Can gateway will filter the diagnostic commands from the EZS /Cluster for latest FBS4 versions



Fast EIS Password reader with or without Existing keys no tokens no limits
Fast key calculation no tokens no limits
Key programming via IR
Renew EIS


Package includes

MB Prog (With NEC EIS Password reader function)
MB EIS IR Reader
MB EIS Key tester
CAN Clip
Front sam cable
EIS Relay cable
On table OBD Distribution cable
Long and short USB Cable

Interkey service 2019 Poland

We are glad to announce our participation in 28/29 September at IKS 2019 - will take place in the Exhibition Centre MCC Mazurkas (177 Poznań Street, Ozarow Mazowiecki). stand number 5 and 6.



FEM BDC Key programmer + MDP eeprom Programmer
now for only 499E

for more information kindly contact our sales department
Skype Sales: SalesatKeyProgTools
Sales Email: &

FEM BDC Web Page:

MDP eeprom Web Page:
FEM BDC MDP eeprom offer

Abrites Spring Promotion from Monday, 1 April until 5 April 2019

avdi spring promotion1

1. AVDI + ATC01 - 749 EUR
2. Mercedes Key Package (MN026, ZN002, ZN036, ZN051) - 1999 EUR
3. VAG Key Package (VN003, VN006, VN009) - 3099 EUR
4. French Key Package (RR012, RR015, RR017, PN016) - 2599 EUR
5. VAG Mileage Calibration package (VN007, VN015) - 1099 EUR
6. BMW Coding Package (BN012, BN013) - 1399 EUR
7. AVDI Full v15 (special functions ONLY) - 23 999 EUR
8. AVDI Key v10 (special functions ONLY) - 15 499 EUR
9. 25% discount on all Special Functions
Shipping is excluded

For basic AVDI interface activation must be done otherwise you will be charged only as hardware and later on the software price will be charged as normal price not as this promotion price ,
Payment must be done before 5 April 2019.
Hardware orders will be prepared until the end of the promotion and we will send it in one package after the promotion is finished.

MDP XEP 100 PROG PRO Package

MDP XEP 100 PROG PRO Package:

2- 35xxx Memory adapter + in-circuit cable
3- In-circuit serial Cable
4- Coaxial Cable
5- 12V power Cable
6- Mini USB - interface to tablet cable
7- USB Cable - interface to pc
8- UMA + in-circuit cable
(Universal memory adapter - not included with the full set)
9- Tablet to USB Cable
10- Samsung tablet (not included with the Pro set)

For more info about this tool Click here

For all your orders, please send an email to: or or get in touch with us via Skype sales account: salesatkeyprogtools

The Truth Behind MDP False Publicity

Simon Touch Company was partner with MDP Company (Automotive art) until 11 December 2018. Partnership based on agreement that all our new customers has the right to get their MDP Activation online by link, although clients waited days in front of their screen for one of automotive art company means MDP company to be on team viewer to install their software. 
Partnership was based on providing our existing customers fast support, warranty and fast shipping in case of new order or a hardware sent for repair.
MDP Company didn't respect our partnership agreement and every client struggled to get their software installed, some other who shipped back their tool for repair, one of our clients from Australia they even didn’t asked for his shipment and the customs destroyed it, client lost his money and his device. 
Defective items took weeks to be repaired or replaced with huge cost of repairing and shipping. 
All clients who bought from us MDP, their device is 100% Original with serial number from MDP Company, customer have the right to contact automotive art in case of repair.

Effective 10 December 2018, NO MORE WAITING! We will provide our clients

- Online activation in minutes.
- Online new functions activation in minutes.
- Life time warranty on our high quality PCB and Cables production.
- Big discount for all customers who wants to update to full.
Always at your service to provide free support.


AVDI + ATC01 - 699 EUR 

ABRITES Key and Module replacement set for Mercedes-Benz (includes MN026, ZN002 PROTAG, ZN036 IR Adapter and ZN051 Distribution Box) - 1999 EUR

- PSA BSI Exchange set (includes PN015 and PN016) - 1999 EUR

- AVDI Key Package v10 SOFTWARE ONLY - 15499 EUR (includes VN003, VN006, VN009, PO008, NN006, FN017, MI007, HK008, VL004, FR008, BK002, BN010, BN012, BN013, ON013, RR012, RR015, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, MN026, PN016, JL002, SB001)

- AVDI Full Package v13 SOFTWARE ONLY - 23999 EUR

(VN001, VN002, VN003, VN004, VN005, VN006, VN007, VN009, VN010, PO006, PO008, PO009, NN006, FN013, FN014, FN015, FN017, MI005, MI007, HK007, HK008, VL003, VL004, FR005, FR008, FR009, BK002, BN010, BN011, BN012, BN013, ON010, ON013, ON014, RR011, RR012, RR014, RR015, RR016, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, CR006, CR007, MN020, MN021, MN026, MN027, PN009, PN015, PN016, JL002, JL003, SB001)

- 25% discount on ALL special functions (includes packages listed in our pricelist)

Please note any order sent after  14 December will not be considered .

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