Available in module "programmer":

BMW dashboards from August 2015 are equipped with 35160D0WT EEPROM which is not erasable and has page-id which locks this memory to its own dashboard-micro. If you need to repair such dashboard you CANNOT erase or substitute original memory with recovered/bought one. You have to emulate original memory with our emulator.
EEPROM 35XXX 35160 EMULATOR programming (guided procedure to clone original 35160 D0WT EEPROM and copy in emulator, erase, modify, write, content and ID Page) via XEP100Prog interface
Available in module "Dashboards":

BMW 3 SERIES F30 35160 programming (characteristic datas modify, read/write EEPROM) via XEP100Prog interface

v2-21 BMW-dashboards-35160-d0wt-emulator XEP100Prog-en

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