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MDP FEM BDC eeprom programmer

MDP FEM BDC eeprom programmer

How to Use the MDP FEM BDC eeprom programmer

1- OPEN THE MDP FEM BDC eeprom programmer Software, and connect the device.( if the device isn't connected, the software will inform you that through a message "interface disconnected" in red like it is shown in the image below).

2- Click connections and see how the soldering must be. (you have 2 choices, FEM or BDC)

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MDP fem bdc EEPROM Key programmer 3

3- Click read eeprom then save eeprom.

MDP fem bdc  EEPROM programmer 1


How to install MDP FEM BDC eeprom programmer

Step 1 - Open the file, extract, double-click on the extracted file and follow the procedure below

Step 2 


Step 3 - Create a shortcut for the MDP XEP FEM BDC eeprom programmer software on your desktop


Step 4- Click finish, go to your desktop and launch the software.

Very easy process, 
for more information, check the video below

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