Universal Memories Adapter for XEP100Prog + MRPPad

Will be available soon the new "UNIVERSAL MEMORIES ADAPTER" hardware module. It's a module to be used with XEP100Prog + MRPPad to manage memories.

Some of its specifications:

  • Support for TSSOP8 (DW), TSSOP8 (DS), DIL, SO8 memories

  • Support for 35XXX set memories: protected area erase, complete erase, write

  • "In-circuit" connection to the memory

  • It's safe: even if memory is wrongly placed or badly connected, universal memories adapter recognizes the situation and stops

  • Current protected and voltage protected

  • Can supply up to 1 A of current on each of 8 pin (thanks to FPGA programmable logic)

  • Further future developments allow to support every memory format (thanks to FPGA programmable logic and replaceable hardware connectors module)

  • To be used with XEP100Prog interface + MRPPad

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