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Dump tool

                DUMP TOOL - MB 

This application needs the EEPROM dump, which has been saved as a file, from the corresponding unit. After the dump file is loaded, some modifications will be made and you need to store the dump as a new file, which you can program with a special programmer into the device that the dump is from.
The dump tool receives as input a dump file from the corresponding unit (input dump is loaded with the "Load dump" button). The dump file can be read either via OBDII but also with a programmer (especially for units where reading via OBDII is not possible). As output the dump tool displays some data extracted from the input file and/or makes some modifications to the input data. If modification were made (for some sub-functions there are no modifications made, only data are visualized) the user has to write the modified dump to desired file (with the "Save dump" button), and then this modified dump should be saved back to the device via OBDII or with a programmer.
If data are read/written with a programmer the user must make sure that the proper byte order is used. Because most of the programmers are reading the data on 16bit words, the byte order in the dump depends on the used programmer - some programmers produce dumps starting with the least significant byte, and some produce dumps starting with the most significant byte. This means that for the same unit two different programmers can produce different dumps. For that purpose a button "Swap bytes" is provided. This buttons changes alternatively the byte order into the dump. So, if after loading the dump file into the dump tool data cannot be extracted or modified, please try to swap the bytes to get a correct result.

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