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 Even when a small accident occurs, the Airbag control unit saves vehicle crash data (speed, brake pedal position, etc). This causes the Airbag lamp to stay ON all the time. If, after checking all parts of the Airbag system, everything is OK, the Airbag does not need to be exchanged with a new one. With this special function it is possible to read and write the EEPROM as well as clear the crash data of the following Airbag control units by OBDII:

 -Bosch Up to 1997
- Bosch 1997-1998
- Bosch 1998-2003
- Bosch 2004-2009
- Temic Up to 1994
- Temic 1995-1997
- Temic 1997-1999
- Temic 1999-2002
- Temic 2003-2009

Additionally, owners of this special function can clear crash data of vehicles produced after year 2005 by OBD connection. You just have to connect to the Airbag by standard diagnostics and press the button "Clear Crash Data".
It is also possible to unlock and lock to a vehicle, as well as erase operating hours in Airbag control units, which store this information.
The Dump Tool special function contains a database of Airbag control units with their part numbers and it is possible to reset many control units by EEPROM Dump.



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